Thursday, March 10, 2011

Camelot Horse #904

Every week I look through the Camelot Horse Weekly Facebook and pick out a horse to promote & hopefully find a home for. Even if I don't, I like to think that my voice helps more people become aware of Camelot and join the force to find homes for these horses on their way to slaughter every week.

Of course, I always pick one who I would pick for myself "If I could get another horse, I'd pick..." but this week it's gone too far. I'm sitting in my living room sobbing uncontrollably because I've found the one. "The One" I was never supposed to look for or find. I found him. He's Jimmy's twin and it breaks my heart to look at his picture, but I can't stop. Even his description sounds like Jimmy at that age. My heart is breaking.
#904 Bay QH colt.  No papers.  13H and 9 months old.  Really sweet!  Skinny, filthy, and riddled with lice (one dose of ivermectin cures this)  He’s a real in your pocket baby.  $110 

Now look at this baby:

Does anyone see the resemblance?!?!? My heart is absolutely broken to think that this little QH will go to slaughter on Saturday morning without the chance that Jimmy was given. I just keep replaying these words that are written in the comments below this little angel's photo: "‎$234.50 to bail with credit card, sales tax, Health Cert, Coggins and Franks fee." 

More than ever, I wish I could have just one more.

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Marcella said...

If I won the lotto, I would spend my time taking in the rescues and OTTBs, putting some training and groceries in them, and giving them away to a good home. Complete losing venture financially, but it would be the most fulfilling thing I could think of.